Talent Trek Agency


Printing of audition or any links are not always verified for legitimacy so please use caution when submitting. We will post contact names with phone 0and/or addresses to contact for  information, if ALL of that information is available.  Please be sure to contact that person as we may not have all the details ourselves.
This is a professional group devoted to developing top-notch actors in Tennessee. SAG/AFTRA union members, non union members, financial core and industry professionals with/supporting Union and non union affiliation are eligible to become members.  This will allow members the opportunity to discuss Union and non union issues and see any postings. 

-Questions concerning union and non union policies, procedures and direction can be addressed
to Admin, members directly.

-Accepted posts: Writing, acting, production activities, classes, training and potential
union and non union work projects or questions.

-Marginal posts: Camera gear/related equipment
  -Not Accepted posts: No personal projects, discounts to sporting events, feelings for the day, stories         about  cats or business/sales proposals for tennis shoes or other gear. 
  -Professional posting demeanor expected
  -Casting Agents/Directors/Trainers are invited as well.

Would like to remind talent/models, when you see a posting on any social network/media that they are looking for talent/models for any project please remember if you suggest a person or send out to someone or share on your page you are costing possibly yourself or one of your fellow actors/models a job and money out of everyone's pocket.  We know you are trying to be helpful but if there is someone you think would be right, you can contact your agent and the agent can then contact them to see if they are interested in working or suggest to them that they contact the agent about the possibility of an acting/modeling job if interested.  Talent/models need to be paid properly for their time and experience so that rates don't keep decreasing and there is still plenty of work available for those who have chosen to be in the business.  Thanks